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IB English A Language & Literature Paper 1

Try commenting upon one of these extracts from the May 2010 paper Englis A1 Paper English A1 Paper English A1 Paper 2 2011 TZ1 English A1 Paper 2 2011 TZ2 English A1 Paper 2 2009 TZ1 English A1 Paper 2 2009 TZ2 Repeated references to objects, actions or other features of literary works often lead to such aspects becoming symbolic in that work.

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Explain the ways at least two of the writers you have studied have employed such symbolism to enhance their works. 2009) The description of people or places or events in literary works is likely to be more than just decoration. ” Which of these terms do you think best describes the way writers in your study have represented the world?

IB <b>English</b> A Language & Literature <b>Paper</b> 1

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Compare several instances in at least two of the works you have studied where description has had a crucial effect on the work. In each case examine how this effect is achieved, using two or three works you have studied. 2006) In what ways and to what effect have writers in your study made it possible for you to choose more than one interpretation of their works?

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Use two or three works you have studied in your answer. 2006) A writer speaks of being “surprised by joy.” In two or three works you have studied, discuss some moments which have surprised and/or delhted you and consider the ways writers have achieved those particular effects. 2005) Literature frequently “challenges the barriers that prejudice erects”.

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